Sunday, 15 April 2007

XXXIII: The way to heaven

I met some people,
And asked them the way to heaven.

The first said,
“Climb this ladder – see, angels are going back and forth through the clouds, heralded by trumpets. You will arrive in glory!”
So I started to climb.
But I fell off.

The second said,
“I have a needle here. If you can concentrate and squeeze through the eye, heaven is waiting on the other side. Peer closely and you can see it – all the rest and comfort you could desire!”
So I started to squeeze my way through.
But I got stuck.

The third said,
“Follow that narrow path over there. It’s a long way, but the road is straight, and look – you can see Paradise in the distance, glinting with pearls!”
So I set off down the path.
But I fell by the wayside.

I was weary, battered and bruised.

But a fourth man came to me, with unkempt hair, and said,
“Pick up a lump of wood, and walk this way.”

So I followed Him.


  1. Wow, what fantastic poetry. I saw that Bunnygirl (friend of mine) had recommended you for the 'thinking blogger' award and I can see why. God has certainly gifted you with poetry, drawing the reader to think, reflect and be challenged!

  2. Fantastic. Simplicity itself yet such a powerful message. I'm still trying to go through needles etc.
    Thanks for the reminder