Sunday, 24 September 2006

IV: The Mountain

There is a mountain not far from here.
It is very tall and it has lots of trees on the side.
Sometimes there is a bit of snow at the top.
A man told me that bears live in caves on the mountain.
I have never seen one but there are lots of caves.
Once a helicopter crashed on the mountain and started
A fire that burnt a lot of the trees.
But most of the trees have grown back now.
There is a stream that flows down the mountain.
It goes past here and sometimes children splash in it.
It is a very strange mountain because there aren’t
Any other mountains for a long way around.
I think that is because of something that happened in the Earth’s crust.
People here work very hard so they don’t have
Much time to climb the mountain.
I think some of them have stopped noticing it is there.
But right now all I want to do is go to the
Top of the mountain and proclaim the glory of the Lord.

Sunday, 17 September 2006

III: He is Hidden

Why is Your glory hidden from me?
I only want to know You, but instead I know
My neighbour and I don’t even like him.
Why are Your mysteries out of reach?
I only want to do Your work, but instead I work
For my boss and I don’t even like him
Why are You so distant?
I only want to talk to You, but instead I talk
To my friend and I don’t even like him.
Why do You not reveal yourself?
I only want to see You, but instead I see
Big crowds of people and I don’t even like them.
Why is Your love withheld from me?
I only want to be Your child, but instead I am the child
Of my parents and I don’t even like them.
Why do I feel dry of Your grace?
I only want to break Your bread, but instead I break
My own heart and I don’t even like it.

Sunday, 10 September 2006

II: Life

Life starts when you are born and ends when you die.
That means that all of the time in the middle you are living.
When you are living you can do lots of things you can’t do when you are dead.
Here are some of the things you can do:

Sail on the ocean.
Make lots of money and put it in a bank and take it out of the cash machine.
Jump up and down in the same spot.
Work for the government.
Ride on a motorbike next to other people riding on motorbikes.
Pray in the morning with a glass of orange juice.
Hold your breath for a long time.
Meet someone who is really famous.
Listen to the trees.
Buy a newspaper you’ve never bought before.
Read the books of the Bible in a weird order.
Go to three parties in the same week.
Hate other people’s pet dogs.
Eat recipes you made up yourself.
Show other people some of these things that mean a lot to you.

Sunday, 3 September 2006

I: A simple solution

Two and two make four.
Three and three make six.
Life is very simple with
The right building-bricks!

Elephants are big
But mice are very small.
It's also very simple
To be a know-it-all!

Here's the solution -
Pray you mark it well.
Actually, I've changed my mind -
I'm not going to tell.