Sunday, 26 November 2006

XIII: The journey

I am on a train.
Where it is going
I do not know.

Actually, that’s a lie.
I know exactly where it's going.
But it sounded more poetic
Not to.

Sunday, 19 November 2006

XII: Sometimes

Sometimes I look at the flowers;
Sometimes I look at the rain.
O Lord when in Your glory
Will You come to me again!

Sometimes I drink my coffee;
Sometimes I drink my tea.
O Jesus let Your mercy
Come pouring down on me!

If ever there’s a place
And if ever there’s a time
For You to show Your face, O Lord,
It’s now! O please – be mine!

Sunday, 12 November 2006

XI: Surgery

In your head.
A banana.
It’s green.
What does that mean?

Take a knife.
Any knife.
A sharp knife.
And cut the banana.
In half.

It’s in two!
And how about you?

It change.
From white.
To brown.
Don’t frown.

It’s natural.
It’s the air.
The banana’s in touch.
With the air.

You’re a banana.
And clean.
But God has a knife.
Are you afraid.
To lose.
Your life?

Sunday, 5 November 2006

X: A sufficient blessing

Where’s the joy and where the hope?
Where the passion and vigour of God?
Where the rapture? Where the praise?
Where the bounteous gifts of the Lord?

All I have is peace.
Peace in my heart; peace in my soul;
Peace in my mind: that is all.

What good is peace to me?
I can’t use peace to move a mountain.
Peace won’t make a shield to fend off sin.
I won’t win many battles with peace.
Peace won’t carry my burdens very far.

Where’s the sword and where the cross?
Where the roots to hold the tree?
Where the lion? Where the strength?
Where the power promised to me?

All I have is peace.